I LOVE Emily Alamano - she is the real deal! I came to her for a consultation because my skin had gotten much worse than ever before over the last few years, and I wanted to try some new products as well as gain a deeper understanding of what was causing my breakouts. Skilled, thorough, smart, good-natured and just so nice- (plus she made me laugh which is always a bonus). She went over my life in detail and presented reasonable "acne-safe" alternatives to all different aspects of my lifestyle. She was also excellent doing extractions on me, washing my face and doing all the "esthetician" stuff that actually involves touching my skin. I felt totally comfortable the whole time, even while getting extractions done (which can be painful sometimes) and discussing things that have been uncomfortable for me to discuss with other clinicians in the past. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

- from Y.M.

Emily Alamano has completely changed the way I see myself. After two decades of acne frustration (I'm 30 and my skin problems only continued to persist), I was exhausted just by the thought of hearing yet another person's perspective on how to get clear skin. I've tried every antibiotic, topical cream, pill (including Accutane), and more. I gave up, deciding it was easier to have mediocre skin and wear too much makeup.

After a particularly bad month, and finally admitting that whatever I was doing wasn't working, I scheduled my first appointment. To say that the process of overhauling lifestyle is comprehensive would be an understatement. Emily carefully went through, in detail, every aspect that could be contributing to my acne. The difference between my experience with Emily and with a traditional doctors office is incomparable.

I had my first appointment in January, and 8 months later, I've gotten an alarming amount of compliments, making me wonder why I didn't come in sooner. I've tried everything, and can tell you with confidence that Emily knows exactly what she's doing. Special thanks Emily, for your endless patience, compassion, thoroughness, and openness to share your own experience of getting to clear skin.

- from A.M.

Emily Alamano has really helped clear up my acne. She is AMAZING. My skin feels super smooth and clear after a treatment with her and her extractions are not painful. Emily, in a gentle way, helped nudge me toward some diet changes and I see a big difference in my skin. The breakouts on my jawline have cleared up and I feel so much better about the overall condition of my skin. 100% recommend.

- from K.K.